Workshop on Culture and Data

InfinIT and Center for Persona Research and -Application invite companies with an interest in international markets, users, and culture to a workshop at the IT University of Copenhagen.

The workshop is part of the project about international user data and culture that Center for Persona Research and -Application runs in cooperation with Aalborg University, Copenhagen and supported by InfinIT.

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14.00-14.45 Culture as practices - norms and identification across culture
By: Iben Jensen, Professor (mso) at Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Department of Learning and Philosophy. Head of Center for Intercultural learning in local and global context.
Culture is in everyday language and in management theories described as homogeneous national entities, inhabited with people who share attitudes, values and norms. I will present a less known theory, called practice theory, which might be helpful in creating international personas. In practice theory the focus is not on nationalities, instead cultures are seen as series of pr actices. A practice can literally be all kinds of activities as e.g. eating, being polite, using a computer program. Practice theory shows how all our practices are regulated by norms, and many of these norms are share d across cultures. So instead of making a specific persona for identification in Uganda, it might be possible to develop personas related to practices (and the norms, emotions and identifications) for people in Bhutan, Brazil and Ballerup.
14.45-15.00 Coffee break
15.00-15.20 A presentation of the app ‘iMaCam’ - How to capture and understand practices on the move with smart and remote methods
By: Mads Bødker, Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School
In this talk I share my experiences with and discuss the methodology of walking as a way of generating knowledge about people. The starting point is ethnographically inspired work using a se lf-developed smartphone app and research tool called ‘iMaCam’ (or “I Am A Camera”, see I discuss how this app, made for capturing movement and ‘strolls’, and the as sociated methods, can enable new ways of interrogating and understanding user or customer experiences ‘on-the-move’. While the app is still ‘proof-of-concept’, the application areas are multiple: On-site customer experiences, studying mobile users, forecasting needs and requirements for mobile and place-centric designs, and (urban) planning are merely some of the expected cases where the iMaCam might be use ful. Also, longitudinal studies where customers can use the app on a regular basis is a distinct poss ibility that will be discussed in the talk.
15.20-15.40 Real user stories – Useful for data collection in a global world?
By : Lene Nielsen, Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen and Sabine Madsen, Research Assistant and Lecturer at the IT University of Copenhagen
In this talk we introduce a method for collecting and eliciting Real User Stories. A real user story is a story that a user tells about the preferred interactions with an IT system that is to be built. The user imagines what the system should do and what the user would like to do. The input is obtained via unmoderated online tools that facilitate remote use and voice recording. Videos of participants’ use and voice are subsequently analyzed to elicit features that the future IT system might cover. The method has been tested in two cases, where it showed good results; among other things, it provided valuable insight into the contexts and use situations in which the participants expected to find themselves when using the IT system. We describe the findings from the test. Moreover, we reflect on the opportunities for using the method to collect data about users in international markets and to elicit information relevant for the development of global personas.
15.40-16.00 Discussion

Time and place:

Date: Friday, 14th March 2014

Time: 14.00-16.00


The IT University of Copenhagen
Rued Langgaardsvej 7, 2300 Copenhagen S
(Room to be announced)

Contact: Sabine Madsen


Participation is free of charge but registration is necessary

Registration deadline: Wednesday 12th March 2014

Please register using the link on the red button below.








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