INCOSE foundation

It is with great pleasure that we are now ready to invite you to make the foundation of INCOSE Denmark, to be held at October 30th, 13:00 at

GN ReSound A/S, Lautrupbjerg 7, 2750 Ballerup

The purpose of INCOSE Denmark is to be the authorized Danish local chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), and is intended to be the focal point for dissemination of systems engineering knowledge and promotion of systems engineering activities within Denmark and its neighboring countries.

The first steps to create this association were taken at the Nordic Systems Engineering Tour event earlier this year (2013) where a core team of interested people was established to investigate the possibilities. During the recent months the core team has made the bylaws for INCOSE Denmark, established a web site (, and discussed and planned for the whole setup in general.

You can find a brief description of each core team member further down. All core team members are willing to run for election to the first Board of Directors, and we propose Mr. Henrik Balslev as our first President. If you want to sign in for election yourself, you are most welcome to do so. Please send us an email to with your personal information and a few lines about yourself beforehand, and no later than 16th October.

As an appetizer of activities in INCOSE Denmark, we offer in collaboration with the Danish innovation network for ICT, InfinIT, two interesting presentations, which both can be seen in a systems engineering perspective.

Registration no later than 21st October 2013 on:

Payment: Free of charge (NOTE: You must be a member of INCOSE to vote on the general meeting).

Read an article about the event here


13:00 – 14:45:          Organizational meeting:


  1. Opening remarks
  2. Election of Chairman of meeting
  3. Presentation of INCOSE (Mrs. Cecilia Haskins, New chapter coordinator)
  4. Presentation of INCOSE Denmark (Mr. Henrik Balslev)
  5. Approval of Bylaws for INCOSE Denmark
  6. Election of Officers and Directors of the Board (“Valg af bestyrelse”)
  7. Election of Auditors and Deputy Auditors (“Valg af revisorer”)
  8. The role of INCOSE Denmark in INCOSE EMEA (Mr. Asmus Pandikow, Sector Director)
  9. Any other business
  10. Closing remarks

14:45 – 15:00:          Networking and coffee break

15:00 – 16:00:          How to take Emerging Technologies into Technology Project Execution – in Practice?

by Jesper Søbygaard Nielsen, Head of Technology Management, Danfoss Power Electronics A/S

The importance of being aware of emerging technologies is more important than ever before due to the pace and plurality of technological developments happening in the world today. The selection of technologies to focus on is not a trivial process but requires high degree of collaboration and coordination in the company – and an appropriate structure to work within. In Danfoss Power Electronics, where products are developed globally with contribution from multiple technological disciplines, the efforts of meeting these challenges have been put in focus by increased deployment of Technology Management processes, where Technology Roadmapping and Technology Intelligence play very important roles.

16:00 – 17:00:          Product Family Master Plan

by Allan Bo Jørgensen, Chief Architect, Grundfos Management A/S

Product Family Master Plan (PFMP) is a way to handle a family of related products from market to solution level, focusing on architecture, complexity handling, variance reduction and faster time to profit. In the presentation the PFMP process will be presented through a combination of principles and practice. At Grundfos, PFMP’s are an integral part of the transition from market needs to development projects.

Candidates for the Board of INCOSE Denmark


Jens Christian Andersen, Novo Nordisk A/S

As a specialist in systems engineering, Jens has been responsible for the design of modular measurement systems as well as safety critical architectures. His personal interest is centered around the technical aspects of systems engineering, especially requirements engineering and architectural design. Jens has been an invited lecturer on safety critical systems at DTU since 2009. In INCOSE Denmark, Jens will focus on networking with a broader audience, for instance small size companies that have migrated their products to a higher level of complexity, possibly including electronics and software.

Henrik Balslev, Balslev & Jacobsen A/S

Working as a specialist in structuring and digitalization of design information, Henrik has assisted many different industries in implementing a system approach to control complex design data with significant economic and technical benefit. In INCOSE Denmark, Henrik will focus on the knowledge between practical engineering disciplines and international standards (ISO/IEC) which are relevant for systems engineers. He has a personal dedication to promote systems engineering as an essential tool to Danish engineers.

Claus Broch, Terma A/S

Claus has more than 20 years experience in software and systems engineering, including analysis, design, and integration of complex command & control systems for the Royal Danish Navy. Claus is INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP). In INCOSE Denmark, he will focus on strengthening the practice and knowledge of the systems engineering discipline as an essential tool for delivering quality systems that meet the user needs.

Mikkel Vestergaard Hansen, Terma A/S

As Director of systems engineering, Mikkel has focused on increased understanding of the value of systems engineering throughout the organization while simultaneously strengthening the actual systems engineering discipline, through introducing a corporate process for systems engineering, based on the INCOSE handbook and the ISO/IEC 15288 standard.  Mikkel will focus on knowledge sharing between members of INCOSE on a corporate level and will try to establish regional meetings hosted by companies discussing topics relevant to systems engineering.

Niels Christian Jensen, GN ReSound A/S

Niels Christian has a background in embedded software development and with 20 years of experience in systems engineering from the data- and tele­communica­tions business and from the hearing aid industry. He is working primarily with require­ments management and engineering, focusing on quality, processes, and stakeholder communication. Niels Christian will contribute to the strengthening of the best prac­tices within systems engi­neer­ing, through the establishment of the broad range of meetings, web­inars, and knowledge sharing in general, now being facili­tated by INCOSE Denmark.

Jan Madsen, Technical University of Denmark

Jan is professor in computer-based systems and deputy director at DTU Compute. His research focus is on tools and methodologies for embedded and cyber-physical systems design, covering multi-core platforms, wireless sensor networks driven by energy harvesting and microfluidic biochips (lab-on-a-chip). He is co-founder of Biomicore, a spin out of his research on bio-inspired self-healing architectures. In INCOSE Denmark his effort will be to enhance industrial innovation and academic excellence in systems engineering, through joint projects and increased focus on education of engineering students as well as professional engineers.

Claus Ballegaard Nielsen, Aarhus University

Claus is a PhD fellow at the Department of Engineering where his research focuses on improving the engineering of complex systems through the use of software modelling tools. Claus has been involved in the creation and teaching of AU’s systems engineering course series, and he has a particular interest in SysML and in collaboration in multidisciplinary teams. In INCOSE Denmark his efforts will be on enhancing the cooperation between universities and industry with respect to systems engineering education and research by promoting the field to both engineering students and professional engineers.

Daniel Sandberg, Syntell AB

Daniel has worked in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management for more than 10 years in areas such as Telecommunications, Railways and Food Packaging. Of special interest for Daniel is exploring the possibilities of applying Systems Engineering thinking also to enterprise change projects. In INCOSE Denmark, Daniel will contribute with his experience from the Swedish chapter of INCOSE for which Daniel currently functions as Secretary of the board.

Tid og sted

Dato:  30. oktober 2013
Tid:  13.00-17.00
Sted:  GN ReSound A/S, Lautrupbjerg 7, 2750 Ballerup
Pris:  Free of charge (NOTE: You must be a member of INCOSE to vote on the general meeting).
Kontakt navn:  Jan Madsen
Kontakt e-mail
Tilmeldingsfrist:  21. oktober 2013

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