Creating an overview of your organisation’s security – Copenhagen

På denne workshop lærer du at bruge Attack Navigator – et værktøj, som hjælper virksomheder med at forudsige og afværge potentielle cyber-angreb.

Arrangementet afholdes på engelsk! Der afholdes en tilsvarende workshop i Aarhus.

As organisations grow ever more complex, securing them becomes increasingly difficult. Therefore, a holistic approach is needed, taking into account the entire landscape of physical devices, software components, and human actors.

At this workshop, we will be introducing Attack Navigator – a tool for mapping your organisation, not only uncovering security issues, but also creating a better overview of the organisation itself. Attack Navigator is a graph-based approach to security risk assessment inspired by navigation systems. The tool is very simple and intuitive to use, which makes it a suitable tool for various organisational functions – technical people and others alike. It includes modelling tools for systems and attacks, and evaluation techniques to derive quantitative security properties of the models.

Join us for this workshop, where you will get insights into modelling, evaluating, and improving the security of organisations. You will also get hands-on experience with the presented techniques. 

Everyone can participate – no technical skill or prior knowledge about risk assessment is necessary. The workshop will be held in English.


13:00 Welcome and introduction  
Attack Navigator as a tool for managing security on all levels of your organisation   
  • What is an attack tree?
  • Case examples
  • How to make an attack tree
14:40 Coffee and networking
15:00 Hands on: Trying out the method in groups
16:00  Discussion and takeaways: How can you apply attack trees? 
17:00  Wrap-up and networking 

Zaruhi Aslanyan is a security architect at the Alexandra Institute, specialised in graphical models for security and their analysis.

Christian W. Probst is a member of the cyber security section at DTU Compute. In his research, Christian combines modelling and analysis techniques to develop systems with guaranteed properties.



Tid og sted

Dato:  23. oktober 2017
Tid:  13:00–17:00
Sted:  Ole Maaløes Vej 5, lokale 4-0-02, 2200 København N
Pris:  Det er gratis at deltage.
Kontakt navn:  Zaruhi Aslanyan
Kontakt e-mail
Tilmeldingsfrist:  20. oktober 2017

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