Effective, co-created and compliant adaptive case management for knowledge workers

Introduction and abstracts

Jump into the future of Adaptive Case Management for knowledge workers with DCR Solutions, Morten Marquard, CEO & CTO DCR Solutions, DCRsolutions.net.

Morten Marquard is one of the main architects of the DCR solution. He has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, where he has worked with consulting, development and delivery of business systems in Denmark and internationally, in companies such as Accenture and CommerceOne. Since 2003, Morten has owned Exformatics and worked with digitalization and digital business process support.


Adaptive Case Management with DCR in KMD Work Zone, Uri Pais, Lead Evangelist - Lead Product Manager at KMD.


Not Your Grandfather's BPM. Keith Swenson, Vice President of Research and Development at Fujitsu North America og Chairman of the Workflow Management Coalition. 

Co-author on more than 10 books.  His latest book, “When Thinking Matters in the Workplace,” explains how to avoid stifling creativity and enhance innovation through the appropriate use of process technology.  His 2010 book “Mastering the Unpredictable” introduced and defined the field of adaptive case management and established him as a Top Influencer in the field of case management.  He blogs at https://social-biz.org/.

Abstract for the keynote by Keith Swenson
The business process space is currently going through a rethinking of its purpose. Twenty years ago the goal was to create the factory office: do the same thing thousands of times in a row exactly the same way. A small improvement done thousands of times adds up to a benefit.  But Internet technology now allows companies to change dramatically to respond to market forces.  The field of BPM is finds new purpose as the enabler of Digital Transformation as companies shift their focus from repeatedly doing the same thing over and over, to being able to adapt quickly to provide unique services that fit individual customers.  The technology to support this has evolved, from traditional BPM with fixed processes, to Adaptive Case Management which put knowledge workers in the driver's seat.  What is next?  This talk will present a new idea of "Emergent Synthetic Processes" which promises to synthesize new and unique processes on the fly for each individual case from the various requirements of the players involved.  Like the way that Google Maps can find a route between any two places, ESP can assess the current state of the organization, and find a unique optimized business process to meet the needs of a particular customer.  All of these approaches will work together to allow organizations more flexibility than has ever been possible before.


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