DIKU Business Club: Future Technologies - applications of Big Data

These days, Danish police is installing cameras on top of police cars to scan automatically for called license plates. Tomorrow, they might scan faces to identify wanted persons. And they may even start identifying people who will soon be committing a crime, just like in the Hollywood movie “Minority Report”.

Can we already now identify the outbreak of an epidemic simply by analyzing the key words that people are searching for? And to which extend can IT help Copenhagen in reaching the goal of being a smart and CO2 neutral city?

“Monday Morning” was recently saying in a report that companies either start now utilizing “Big Data” – tomorrow’s technology – or they die.

At this DIKU business club meeting, we will see examples of how to use big data, of bleeding edge technologies and we will be presented with good guesses as to how our near future will look like.


16.00-16.10: Welcome. By Stephen Alstrup, Professor with responsibilities for innovation and business collaboration, DIKU.

16.10- 16.30: Copenhagen Smart City. By Kim Spiegelberg Larsen, Senior Executive Adviser, City of Copenhagen.

16.30-16.45: Medical Image Analysis – How will it affect our everyday life in the near future? By Jon Sporring, Associate Professor, DIKU.

16.45-17.05: The Future of Money. By Mikkel Freltoft Krogsholm, Business Consultant, Copenhagen Finance IT Region.

17.05-17.25: Break

17.25-17.40: Detection of Disease Outbreaks in Mass Gatherings Using Internet Data. By Ingemar Cox, Professor, DIKU.

17.40-18.00: TBA

18.00-?: Tapas and wine

Registration for the meeting.

If you are not a member of DIKU Business Club but would like to participate, please contact: Camilla Jørgensen, camillaj@diku.dk.

Tid og sted

Dato:  12. november 2013
Tid:  16.00-18.00
Sted:  HCØ, Universitetsparken 5, Auditorium 6
Kontakt navn:  Camilla Jørgensen
Kontakt e-mail

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