Driving Technology 2014

Your shortcut to the disruptive technologies and ideas that are revolutionising your business!

Are you ready for the technological challenges facing your business tomorrow? Get insight into the future of exponential technologies at IDA's executive summit, Driving Technology: Two days packed with information in the company of leading experts and top executives from all over the world.
Technology drives change at a high and accelerating speed. Almost everything that we know today will change drastically over the next ten years: technology, the way we are organised, jobs, our fields of work, and the way we work. Development will challenge all existing companies, bodies, and markets. But it will also bring new opportunities to those able to see it.
Singularity University in Silicon Valley is specialised in future technology and includes the most powerful technological profiles in the US. Four of these will exclusively come to Copenhagen to educate leaders and strategists on future technologies and their impacts on companies and societies.
What's in it for you?

  • Technological updates on the highest strategic level
  • Hands-on inspiration and coaching on your specific challenges
  • High-quality input to your company's future strategies
  • Networking and personal contact with America's most talented and well-connected technologists and strategists
  • Networking and personal contact with top executives and talents from Nordic companies

Read more at: https://ida.dk/netvaerk/driving-technology


Time and place:

Date: 19-20 May 2014

Time: 08.30-18.00


Ingeniørhuset i København
Kalvebod Brygge 31-33
1780 København V

Participation fee: DKK 12.500


About registration:

Hanne Kejser

tel. +45 3318 9701


About the program:

Rolf Ask Clausen

tel. +45 3318 4659 / 2810 9517


About communications and networking:

Julie M. Callesen

tel. +45 3318 4696



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