Homeland Security Conference 2015

InfinITs interessegruppe for Security deltager med et oplæg på Homeland Security Conference 2015. Konferencen er arrangeret af CenSec.

The CenSec Homeland Security Conference 2015 is the premier event in Denmark where you can learn about our nation’s most significant homeland security issues.

The conference offers an opportunity to engage and network with key leaders of the industry, as well as discussing and gaining knowledge on matters in the field of cyber security, national and urban security and the protection of critical infrastructure.

This year the focus is on the security industry.

Register for the event:

Send an email to: Githa Grum-Schwensen, CenSec
Mail: githa@censec.dk
Phone: +45 52131541


The vulnerability of the modern industry creates new threats, as well as business opportunities. What are the characteristics of these business opportunities? What are the future trends in the market? And looking on threats - what actions should we take in order to secure our business, products, production, systems and know-how?

The conference covers areas such as:

  • Industrial security
  • Crisis management in society and in companies
  • Business opportunities in the security market – including the dual use aspect
  • New and future trends of the security industry – in which direction is the market heading?
  • Company security management
  • Innovative solutions for an efficient handling of threats
  • Cyber security

The conference offers an opportunity to engage and network with key leaders of the industry, as well as giving you a full overview of the security market and steps to be taken in your own business to obtain full resilience of IT and physical infrastructures.

Newest information and analysis from high-level speakers involved in the industry
Presentations from the Danish political level, the Home Guard, leading security experts as well as high-level decision makers from companies, whose businesses are dependent on strong, reliable security management, will provide you with the newest information and views on business opportunities and security tasks together with an exhibition of products and services.

The conference will have an exhibition area and as a participant, you will have the opportunity of making a visual presentation of your company.


09:00    Registration, breakfast, exhibition and networking
10:00   Opening remarks and welcome
Poul Arne Jensen, Chairman, CenSec // Klaus Bolving, CEO, CenSec
10:10   Homeland Security – The importance of SME’s in a Homeland Security perspective
Danish political representative
10.40   Home Guard as actor inside Danish Homeland Security
Finn Winkler, Major General, The Commander of the Home Guard
11:10   Corporate Intelligence and Security
Jakob Scharf, Executive Director and Co-Founder, CERTA Intelligence & Security
11.40   Social engineering & insider threats: The human side of insider threats
René Rydhof Hansen, Associate Professor, PhD, The University of Aalborg/InfinIT
12:10   Lunch, exhibition and networking
13:40   The security aspects of drone operations and systems innovation
Jesper Florin, Head of the Security Department, The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI)
14:10   The secure handling of Big Data
Jakob Illeborg Pagter, Lab Manager, Security Lab, The Alexandra Institute
14:40   Lockheed Martin: The innovative approach to Homeland Security Capabilities
Luc Van de Winckel, Director Business Development, Lockheed Martin
15:10   Coffee, exhibition and networking
15:40   Boeing: The innovative approach to Homeland Security Capabilities
Per Beith, Director, Information Security Solutions, Boeing
16.10   Business case – LogPoint
Jesper Zerlang, CEO, LogPoint
16:30   Airbus Defence & Space: The innovative approach to Homeland Security Capabilities
Mark Schmidt, Manager Industrial Participation, Airbus DS Cyber (TBC)
17:00   Conclusive Remarks
Klaus Bolving, CEO, CenSec
17.30   Sandwich, exhibition and networking

Tid og sted

Dato:  28. oktober 2015
Tid:  10:00 - 17:30
Sted:  Legoland Hotel and Conference Centre
Aastvej 10
DK-7190 Billund
Pris:  CenSec/Inno-Pro members DKK 750 Non-members DKK 2.000
Kontakt navn:  Githa Grum-Schwensen
Kontakt e-mail

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