Jenkins CI User Event 2013

The Jenkins User Event is focusing on gathering both current and soon-to-be users and developers of the Jenkins Continuous Integration server to meet and get inspiration by each other and the presentations.The event is held on the first Friday of September. This year it's September 6th and the venue will be the University of Copenhagen at the Department of Computer Science.

The program is a mix of tech talks, user stories, workshops, birds-of-a-feather sessions and facilitated Open Space discussions. There will be plenty of opportunity to get into rewarding discussions with your Jenkins peers. This is a unique chance to meet other companies and people who are also engaged in Continious Delivery and Continuous Integration and to make valuable connections for the future.

When the conference ends - the fun continues! Stay around for free beer and sandwiches. It ends when it ends.

Have a look at the program - and sign up today.

Key note by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of Jenkins CI

You ticket will include:

Entrance and access to the whole programThe event mug The event T-shirtBreakfast, lunch, and beer+sandwich in the evening

NOTE the Code Camp
Each year, in conjunction with the user event we are also arranging a Community Code Camp. It's always on the day before the event (this year it's September 5th). The intended audience for this Code Camp is both experienced Jenkins developers and developers who are looking at getting started with Jenkins plugin development.

The camp is held in Allerød 25 km north of Copenhagen at Praqmaplex and the theater Mungo Park. Read more about the Code Camp.

If you are not already a FOP (Friend of Praqma), sign up on the FOP mailing list or follow Praqma on Twitter - so you won't miss a thing!

> Read more and sign up for the event here


Tid og sted

Dato:  6. september 2013
Tid:  09.00-17.00
Sted:  University of Copenhagen, Department of Computer Science

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