HACKING FOOD - Datadriven innovation in the food industry

Come and hack the food industry with us!

The food industry is full of data – data about production, distribution, hygiene, nutrition, waste, consumption, delivery to public institutions, and many other data.

Such data, together with many other new technologies, are calling for new business and service possibilities. In this hackathon you will be presented for 4-5 challenges from public institutions and private companies. How can the vegetable travel directly to the table? How do we build services that can change people’s eating habits? How can urban gardening make communities self-sufficient? How can we make a deposit system for left-over food and packages? How can we reduce food waste? How can food ‘tell’ stories about where it comes from and about its environmental impacts?

There are many possibilities to rethink the food value chain, and these are just some of the questions that the hackathon may bring up. As soon as the challenges are defined we will publish them here.

Are you into food and/or into IT and want to venture into this intersection, please come and join us for a 2 days hackathon. You will work in groups in order to come up with the most innovative solutions, which can help rethinking the food industry. The winners will be offered office spaces in Albertslund and get feedback on their ideas in order to further develop them and hopefully bring them to market.

The hackathon is organized in collaboration with Hack & Co and Albertslund Kommune. It is further developing ideas from the event Iværksætterhub for fødevarer og big data

Tid og sted

Dato:  27. oktober 2017 - 28. oktober 2017
Tid:  Kl. 9.30-19.30
Sted:  Albertslund Rådhus, Nordmarks Allé 1, 2620 Albertslund
Pris:  Gratis
Kontakt navn:  Lea Schick, tlf. 27 26 54 79
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