How to write a good proposal for Innovation Fund Denmark?

Training seminar by Innovayt

The training seminar will focus on how to write a good proposal and provide you with examples for inspiration. However, key learnings from the seminar are also relevant for other public funding programmes, such as Horizon2020. Moreover, the seminar will emphasize the importance of close collaboration between industry and academia throughout the proposal process to ensure that market and business understanding is incorporated into the relevant parts of the proposal.
The seminar is organized by Paul Pop/ DTU's IoT Center with the consultancy company Innovayt (who assisted in writing many successful DTU-proposals) and the InfinIT network, and therefore the event is also open to selected companies within the InfinIT network.

Please register latest by Dec. 1st by sending an email to Rikke Nielsen, and mention your name and company.

Target group: Applicants for Innovation Fund Denmark

Preliminary Programme

9:00–9:15  Welcome and introduction

9:15–10:30 Module 1: Introduction to the Grand Solutions Programme, logic chain and objectives (the innovation)
  • Understanding the programme; target projects; roles of partners
  • Defining your project idea; logic chain describing a common understanding
  • Objectives for both science, tech and market product
  • Q&A

Module 2: Work plan structure, addressing risk and defining deliverables and milestones (operational plan)

  • Structure; identification of partner roles; division of tasks
  • What are reasonable activities
  • Q&A



Module 3: Impact, providing a solid business plan (value creation – growth and employment)

  • Matrix to present impact for companies and society
  • Value for all parties involved
  • Q&A
12:30–13:00 Lunch incl. final Q&A

If you have any queries, please contact Rikke Nielsen,

Tid og sted

Dato:  13. december 2017
Tid:  Kl. 9.00-13.00
Sted:  DTU Compute, room 033 in building 321, Anker Engelunds Vej 1
Building 101A, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Kontakt navn:  Rikke Nielsen, DTU
Kontakt e-mail
Tilmeldingsfrist:  1. december 2017

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