Invitation: Past & Present Prototypes

Special invitation for InfinIT members

A series of 3 workshops to bring together industry, makers and Denmark’s Technical Museum, creating opportunity to learn from the past to inform and create the future. Using rapid prototyping and digital fabrication techniques, we combine makers and industry to explore a problem, ideate (through building) potential solutions, and use methods and tools to bring their concepts to life.

Who are you?

A maker, a C-level, a manager, an academic, a designer, an engineer, an R&D manager. Our ambition is to create space for industry and makers to meet and learn from each other. This event is Limited to 30 participants - several from each area.

The outcome

The goal of this series is to create space for makers and industry to meet and exchange skills, methods and knowledge, and together, to explore a problem and create a solution; looking to the patent prototypes of Denmark’s Technical Museum for inspiration and innovation. You never know, a new product launch might just come out of this Collaboration.


Workshop 1: 18 November 2016
Workshop 2: 24 November 2016
Workshop 3: 5 December 2016


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  • IdemoLab
  • Underbroen
  • Cotter
  • The Danish Museum of Science & Technology

With support from InfinIT

For more information about the three workshops: Download programme (pdf)

Tid og sted

Dato:  18. november 2016
Tid:  12.00-17.00
Sted:  The Danish Museum of Science and Technology, Fabriksvej 25, 3000 Helsingør
Pris:  Free
Kontakt navn:  Merete Carlson, tlf. 20 75 71 45
Kontakt e-mail

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