Machine Learning Workshop

Dive into real Machine Learning – join our workshop at Dokk1 in Aarhus on May 3rd 2018.

Rob Van Kranenburg will open the event with a keynote talk on Next Generation Internet. Rob is one of the ten most influential people in Europe, when it comes to IoT. He is the founder of IoT Council. He works as Ecosystem Manager for the EU projects Tagitsmart and Next Generation Internet.

Key take-aways

  • State-of-the-art Machine Learning knowledge
  • Highly relevant trends
  • Keynote speak by Rob Van Kranenburg – world leader in the understanding in how the Internet of Things will impact business, the economy and the way we will live our lives.
  • Networking opportunities


The workshop is led by Philip Hoyos, Senior Consultant at Inspari and Jan Neerbek, Senior IT Solutions Architect at Alexandra Institute.

Philip is a machine learner, and is passionate about everything related to data and analysis. Many years of experience as a consultant working with data and improved decisions making for people through data. Specializes in ML, data visualization and analysis as well as automation.

Jan is a machine learning, datamining and cloud computing specialist. He works with cloud-related projects and embedded distribution systems.

The workshop

After presentations on the prospects and possibilities of Machine Learning, we will present a case and a task with which the participants will be working hands-on in groups.

The aim is to provide the Machine Learning practitioner with new ideas and concepts for the data learning process.

Using the Azure ML platform, the form will be in part presentations and in part hands-on collaborative work in groups on Azure ML.

We will work on open case data, build models for predicting events, and test on held-out data.

We start with a quick talk about the Machine Learning approach, followed by a visual presentation of the task and data.

Following this, the participants will be tasked with the job to build an algorithm that can predict the outcome of a variable from the data set.

The data set presents a real case and will be set up as a (non-competitive) competition in which the groups are challenged to predict the outcome most accurately.

To solve the task, you need to explore the data, visualize the data, enrich the data, build models and finally predict.

Throughout the workshop the groups present their models and we discuss choices and learnings.

May the best predictor win!

Target audience: Software engineers, architects, developers, it-professionals.
Level: Intermediate

The event is held in English.

Tid og sted

Dato:  3. maj 2018
Tid:  8.30-17.00
Sted:  DOKK1, Hack Kampmanns Plads, 8000 Aarhus c
Pris:  Medlemmer af InfinIT eller it-forum: 1569,00 kr ex. moms. Øvrige: 1996,00 kr ex. moms.
Kontakt navn:  Laura Møller, tlf. 93 50 88 04
Kontakt e-mail
Tilmeldingsfrist:  26. april 2018

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