RFID Conference 2017

Sign up for this year's RFID conference under the theme Smart Identification.

  • How do first mover companies gain benefits from smart technologies?
  • How can RFID help retail compete with global web shops?
  • How do you ensure that RFID and IoT technologies are not used for violating people’s privacy or committing cybercrime?
  • How do companies create growth when we move towards the smart society?

Join us at the largest RFID conference in the Nordics where we answer these questions – and many more!

  • Get a chance to meet visionary first mover companies and experts within the fields of RFID and smart identification – and get hands-on knowledge on how to utilize these technologies in your own products, services and businesses.
  • Learn what you can achieve with Smart Identification, and get all the input you need to get started!
  • Most of all, it is a networking opportunity!

Contact Berit Borup Brendborg if you have any questions.

Programme and registration

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The conference is organised by: AIM Denmark, Alexandra Instituttet, DELTA, FORCE, GS1 Denmark, HID, Honeywell, InfinIT, IT University, KAR-MIL, Lyngsoe Systems, Mikkelsen Electronics, Teknologisk Institut, Zebra.

Tid og sted

Dato:  14. juni 2017
Tid:  8:30–17:00
Sted:  IT-Universitetet
Rued Langgards Vej 7
2300 København S
Pris:  Se priser på konferencens hjemmeside. Der er 15% rabat til medlemmer af InfinIT
Kontakt navn:  Berit Borup Brendborg
Kontakt e-mail

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