RFID Conference 2017

Save the date for this year's RFID conference under the theme Smart Identification.

Across industries, the most innovative companies are already tracking, tracing, locating, identifying, authenticating every day by using smart and wireless identification (‘RFID’)  – because they get significant advantages!

We can use the identification technologies to identify every instance of a product, communicate with it wirelessly, and we can add intelligence to the product  – turning it into a “smart product”!

Automatic data capture is enabling enhanced transparency in businesses, and combined with other sensing technologies a foundation for smarter ways of working is laid out.

The importance of methods for unique identification and wireless communication is growing significantly as smart technologies are rolled out.

Bridging the new business opportunities with actual knowledge and experience with smart technologies is the main objective of the conference.

Join us at the conference and:

  • Gain insight from a series of companies who are sharing their experiences
  • Be inspired by international speakers with global perspective
  • Learn what the first movers are doing and what they have achieved
  • Get knowledge of smart identification technologies
  • Talk to people who are knowledgeable in the field of smart identification
  • Get all the input you need to get started

Contact Berit Borup Brendborg if you have any questions.


The conference is organised by: AIM Denmark, Alexandra Instituttet, DELTA, FORCE, GS1 Denmark, HID, Honeywell, InfinIT, IT University, KAR-MIL, Lyngsoe Systems, Mikkelsen Electronics, Teknologisk Institut, Zebra.

Tid og sted

Dato:  14. juni 2017
Tid:  8:30–17:00
Sted:  IT-Universitetet
Rued Langgards Vej 7
2300 København S
Pris:  Se priser på konferencens hjemmeside. Der er 15% rabat til medlemmer af InfinIT
Kontakt navn:  Berit Borup Brendborg
Kontakt e-mail

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