UX in an agile environment (Aalborg)

During the past 10 years, agile development methodologies have been on the rise across the software industry, in particular SCRUM.

This theme meeting focuses on the challenges of UX/Agile interaction.

Agile development presents a number of challenges to UX specialists:

  • Often, an agile development method like SCRUM does not have a defined UX role, which may be problematic.
  • UX’ers are often a shared resource who work across multiple SCRUM teams.
  • UX’ers do no always get an opportunity to design up front and start their research and design activities concurrently with the programming of the software.
  • It is not optimal to carry out UX design activities and software development of the designs in the same sprint (UX’ers have to struggle to deliver designs on time).
  • Requirements are not well documented, which leads to unclear expectations with regard to UX deliverables.

The event will be held in English


  • Dr. Marta Kristín Lárusdóttir from Reykjavik University
    Marta will give a talk on the interplay between usability activities and software development processes – especially in agile development processes such as Scrum and Lean software development.

    Marta Larusdottir is an Associate Professor at Reykjavik University with a PhD in Human-computer interaction. Marta has extensive leading knowledge in the area of evaluation and user feedback in software development. Particularly, she is a well known researcher in agile software development and how the user perspective is integrated in agile processes and has written several papers and arranged workshops on that subject.

  • We are currently organising the final details with two local companies that will present cases and talk about their practices in relation to UX in an agile environment. 

The meeting is organised by InfinIT.


Practical information

Date:    5 December 2016
Time:   9:00-12:00
Place:   Aalborg University
Rendsburggade 14
9000 Aalborg
Room 5.125
Price:   Participation is free of charge 
Contact:   Marie Rørdam Fenger
Deadline:   The event is fully booked. Registration closed.



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