Stories of Machine Learning Applications

The Alexandra Institute has seen an increasing interest in machine learning among our clients in the recent years. That’s why we start up this blog on machine learning applications. In this blog, we will tell stories about machine learning applications and projects that we have come across.

A few months ago, I got an email from my colleague over at the communications department, where she asked if we, the tech nerds at the Copenhagen branch of the Alexandra Institute, would like to start up a blog on machine learning. I made a quick search on the Internet for machine learning blogs, and there were already a few of them - at least of the highly technical sort, written by experts for other experts. So that’s been done.


Tech nerds: Christian, myself and Morten. 
Tech nerds: Christian, myself and Morten.

On the other hand, we’ve seen an increasing interest in machine learning applications from our clients in the last few years, not least because of the booming smartphone market. Most of these clients don’t even know what machine learning is - they just have an idea for a cool application and a mysterious feeling that the idea might be difficult to implement, so they turn to us to sort things out for them. Often it turns out that their applications have research potential, and then we involve machine learning researchers from the universities in the project.

So, given this interest from our clients, given all the potential cool applications, and given the remarkable research progress in the last few years (which renders machine learning applications so accurate that they’re actually usable and no longer frustrating), we decided to start up a blog with stories about how machine learning can be used, plain and simply. Some of these stories will be inspirational, some of them will be more educational. Some stories will be about our own projects, some will be about other projects from all over the world. But all of them will focus on applications rather than technical details, and all of them will be written with the non-expert reader in mind. With these stories, we want to inform and inspire, hopefully contributing to the innovation of even more cool applications.

And when you have an idea for a cool application, or you just have anything machine learning-ish to say - don’t hesitate to write a comment to the posts or to contact me directly. You’ll find my contact information by following the link on the About page.

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