About Machine Learning

Machine learning is a computer science and engineering discipline where computer functionality is built by using example data. In essence, the computer learns the function from the examples, similar to how a human learns, so that it will be able to recognize similar input and act properly based on it. Classical applications include optical character recognition (where a computer can read written text) and speech recognition, but recent progress has allowed for a very wide array of new applications, including cancer diagnosis, music recognition, brain-machine interfaces, game intelligence and fraud detection - just to name a few.

About Me

I am a research and innovation engineer at the Alexandra Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I do my best to attract projects about embedded systems, signal processing and machine learning to myself. I’m happy to call myself the coordinator and main author of this blog about machine learning applications, where my collaborators and I will share the stories from our projects and promote the potential of this fascinating field.


I graduated from Linköping Institute of Technology in Sweden in 2002 with a M.Sc. in applied physics and electrical engineering. For contact information, please visit http://www.alexandra.dk/uk/people/Pages/Jerker-Hammarberg.aspx.

About the Alexandra Institute

The Alexandra Institute is a Danish IT research institute that strives to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Our research projects typically involve both companies and university researchers, and we always adopt a pragmatic approach to the task at hand, keeping the end user in focus. We also offer services on a commercial basis within the realm of IT research and innovation.


We have expertise in several high-tech fields including computer graphics, IT security, smartphone development and indoor positioning. Machine learning is also an upcoming area of interest - few IT research areas have such a wide array of potential applications and so many intriguing open research problems at the same time.


For more information, please visit http://www.alexandra.dk/uk/.


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