Defining the challenges

The first thing we did before even thinking of technological solutions was to make two case studies in two different organisations working with agile software development, Mobilethink and Danfoss.

In the Alexandra Institute we have a strong focus on User Driven Innovation and we used the case studies to define the challenges and explore the needs in the organisations.

The case studies were designed as ethnographic studies in a three different development teams. We did not just look at how they used their tools, but made a broad examination of their work and collaboration. We looked at their daily collaboration and studied scrum meetings and sprint planning and review. And by being present in the office environment and attending meetings we got an impression of the atmosphere and the cultural and managerial traits of the company

Understanding the challenges

We did this to get a deeper understanding of the challenges at play in the organisations and it helped us define what challenges to focus on in our work – so we would not end up with the classical failure of trying to make a technological fix to an organisational problem.

Helping organisations develop

An interesting by-product of our studies in the two organisations was that we found out that this kind of ethnographic study is also a strong tool for organisational development. In both organisations we presented our results to managers and employees in the company and facilitated a workshop where we talked about challenges. And while we used this as an input to the design of our solution, it also became an opportunity for the organisation to reflect on the way they worked and collaborated and spurred of new ideas and enthusiasm about how to improve their scrum process. So while we have been developing a new kind of scrum tool, we have also created a new way of helping organisations getting the most out of the adaptation of scrum in their organisation.

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