Finding a way to track changes

Users are key in the development of technical solutions. So having explored the challenges of existing scrum practises, we set out to find a technical solution together with one of our case companies, Mobilethink.

While preparing a workshop with the people from Mobilethink's development team, we stumbled across a similar initiative developed by the Vodafone Web Team in Copenhagen.

They had developed a solution where they used RFID tags to automatically update task changes in Jira. The solution was super cool so we persuaded Ole Højriis Kristensen, the inventor of the board to  participate in the workshop and share with us his experiences with the development of their tool.

One of the things that impressed us with the Vodafone project was how the development of the features had sprung directly form the everyday needs of the developer's and that the board had become a key in the ungoing development of their scrum processes. We liked the idea of a flexible solution could hook up to any scrum tool - be it Jira og Excel, and where it would be easy for the developes to add new features that supported the needs of each specific development team.

However, the Vodaphone solution was based on RFID tags and this meant that they had an ungoing task of coupling the RFID tags to the physical task notes. A process that was laborious for the scrum master.

We det out to find an alternative technical solution and ended up going for the QR tag.

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