About the interactive scrumboard


This blog reports from the various stages of the development of an interactive  scrumboard. The project is carried out by Morten, Anne og Jan from the Alexandra Institute. The project started in Spring 2011 and will be continuing until Autumn 2012.


Here we will blog about our experiences and solutions. The project is driven by in part a number of user (usage) studies conducted at different companies and in part by a development project to create a smart scrumboard which auto-updates electronic systems and which also works across difference geographical locations.


About the bloggers


Jan Neerbek

Jan works at the Alexandra Institute as a scientist and specialist. Jan has a wide range of interests spanning from high level distributed systems to small embedded sensor and robotic systems. Jan likes to develop new algorithms and solve complex problems.


Jan has previously worked with Oracle to introduce bayesian search into Oracle Text and is the inventor on a Bang & Olufsen patent application for distributed synchronization.


Anne Bøgh Fangel

Anne works as a human factors specialist in New Ways of Working Lab at the Alexandra institute. She is specialized in conducting ethnographic studies within work environments and facilitating innovation processes in organisations.


Anne particularly likes to use her studies to inspire organisations to innovate the way they work. Anne has made ethnographic studies of many types of organisations, including software companies working

with agile software development.


Morten Skov Jørgensen

Morten is a Research & Innovation Specialist at the Alexandra Institute. His focus is theoretically founded in interaction and complex problem solving.

While Morten does enjoy the occasional all night coding session, he believes that the most important aspect of computer science is the cross field between humans and computers.

Morten has previously worked within a wide aspect of human computer interaction, including mobile apps, advanced web apps and transferring information from the physical world to the logical.

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